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Vote for the Website Committee’s Request for Additional Funds ends 3/8/2022


Please Vote ASAP. Voting Deadline will end on March 8, 2022Vote Here

Website Committee’s Request for Additional Funds

At our NATCSD Fall meeting in October 2021, the Website Committee was granted approval to spend $5,000 to modernize the current NATCSD website. After meeting with Courtland Consulting, it was determined that up to an additional $5,000 was needed to complete this project. Courtland Consulting will be moving our current website to a new platform that will be easier to use and provide more security. We are requesting an electronic vote in order to proceed with modernizing the website. If you are not a member in good standing as of 2/24/2022, your vote will not be counted. Voting will close on March 8, 2022.

Website Break Down

Design Option 3 $ 6,000.00 Document Management Tool $ 225.00 Portal $ 300.00 Member Directory $ 750.00 Member Discussion $ 750.00 Notifications $ 600.00 Stock Photos $ 210.00 Firewall $ 375.00 Firewall Sucuri $ 199.00 Other $ 591.00 Total Website cost $ 10,000.00 Total amount approved at 10/21 Mtg $ 5,000.00 Total amount requested from Association $ 5,000.00

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Do you approve the Website Committee to spend up to an additional $5,000 to modernize the NATCSD website? *

    • ( ) Yes
    • ( ) No
    • ( ) Abstain
    • ( ) Unsure (Revisit at the April 5-7, 2022 Meeting)



NATCSD Website Redesign Bid 1.6.22

NATCSD Website Committee Request Electronic Vote, Signed Contract 3 29 22



2 Responses

  1. Sorry for any confusion but I just wanted to clear up a few things. The Website Committee’s initially asked for $5,000 prior to meeting with Courtland Consulting. We thought this amount would be sufficient in making some minor changes to the website. When we met with them after our Fall meeting, they said our current website was on an old platform and it will no longer be used in the future (phased out) they suggested transferring to a new platform. Courtland Consulting will be moving everything we currently have on our website to new platform. This will make it easier to use, provide more security, and it will give the Executive board and website committee the ability to create new folders. This is a onetime cost of approximately $10,000. The other cost of $591 was just an extra, we built in if there were additional stock photos needed. We are hoping not to use the $591 and will ask Tribes to provide stock photos. This will give the website committee a buffer without having to go back for a vote. Please see attached contract. The Website Committee did not have Courtland Consulting make any changes to the website until we can get the full $10,000 approved. The Bid had been added above for your reference.

  2. Hello NATCSD members,
    I apologize for the delay in getting electronic vote result for the Website Commitee’s request for additional funds for the modernizing the website. The electronic vote passed and it will be posted in documents/meeting agenda.

    The electronic vote passed

    Yes 30
    No 1
    Abstain 0
    Unsure (Revisit at the April 5-7, 2022 Meeting) 4

    Total Vote 35
    Total Associations Members 44

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