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Tribes who calculate both parents income for CS amount

Are there any tribes here that utilize both parents income to determine the child support amount? If so, are you willing to share your calculation method with me? We currently use only the NCP’s income but would like to get away from that. 

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  1. Hi, Brian!
    Here’s the link to the Iowa guidelines. We liked them because its a shared income model that supports our tribal value in the shared responsibility of parenting. The CS Calculation is proportionate to the income of both parents, unless the payors income falls below federal poverty level. With these, we have to take into consideration the topic of medical support, though, and we had a pre-existing code section in our tribal code specific to that.


  2. Hey Brian, what’s your email address? I have an excel doc that goes along with the guidelines we use but I couldn’t figure out how to attach…I can email to you if you’d like.

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