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Tribally Determined Performance Targets (75 report)

Hello Directors,

At the last Directors meeting in April we had a discussion around sharing Tribally determined performance targets to better tell our story in the 75 report.  I’ve been tasked to collect this information and apologize for the delay. The information shared will be for Tribal Use Only.  The Tribes’s names will not appear on any of the spreadsheet.  I will be the only person to have it and will keep it confidential.  I will compile all the information and put in a spreadsheet.  If I get enough responses, we can have a discussion around it at the directors meeting on Wednesday, October 23 when the Feds are not there.  Please email me your performance targets by September 30, 2019  If you have any questions regarding it’s use, please call me at 360-297-9668.  

Thank you

Maria Huynh



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