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Good afternoon,

I am please to inform everyone that we have received approval for Comprehensive Status starting January 1st, 2017. We are having to revise and submit an amended Comprehensive Budget, and also what we will be using for our Match. I was hoping to be able to get an idea of what everyone else has been using for their NFS. I have compiled a list and been adding to it as I receive ideas from other IV-D Programs. So far our list includes: Tribal Court: Judges time, Court Admin time, court fees, mediation., Parenting classes (Instructor’s time), possible location of the classes, work skills instructor, bank fees (possibly paid by Tribe). Please let me know if anyone has any other ideas we can take advantage of. Thank you in advance 🙂 Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Congratulations Robin! We use the court filing fee multiplied by number of cases anticipated to be filed during the fiscal year. I know you mentioned court fees, but ours specifically states ” filing fees incurred for filing a new petition in tribal court.” The underlying assumption is that the court grants a waiver of the filing fee for new child support petitions. We then track the number of petitions actually filed for each quarter and that becomes the actual match amount. The amount in the grant application is only the anticipated match.

    For example:
    $100 filing fee per case x 75 new petitions filed = $7,500 match

  2. This year we also were able to use the Court Filing Fees and are tracking them like Jessie is, our Court Filing Fees are $75 though so we calculate that.
    We use Judge’s salary and fringe (Tribe pays), Court Clerks salary and Fringe (tribe pays portion), Prosecutor salary and Fringe (Tribe pays and he supervises CSEP attorney). We never have put as match for fringe until this year but it was accepted as our Tribe pays 30% fringe with all our benefits.
    Our Tribal Police normally charge for serving papers but do not charge us for CS service so we have also used mileage, officer salary and fringe, as well as the serving fee they waive for us.
    Our enrollment office works with us by giving us addresses, phone numbers, per capita information, CIB’s, etc. so I have also used them as in-kind for salary and fringe as the Tribe also pays for this position. This office gave me salary information and such of the person who helps us in this office as well.
    Other Tribal Entities (not our own Tribal Finance/HR as they are paid from indirect) that we collect CS from we have been able to use their Finance and HR offices for match as well as they have their own funding sources that are not indirect from the Tribe. So we our Casino Finance Manager and HR Manager salary and Fringe as they are the ones that process our CS checks, addresses, medical verification, etc. The Casino provided us with the hours and salary of the people who help me out with all of this.
    I also write for small grants to help with community outreach and have received one for $4,000 from a trust fund in our state that will help with the match as well, one pending from our state for next year as well, so keep an eye out for various grants that can do some of the program goals.
    you can email me at if you have further questions.

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