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Tribal IRG- New Updates

Dear Tribal Directors,

The Intergovernmental Referral Guide (IRG) is an informational resource tool to help States and Tribes refer cases to one another. A work group was formed in 2008 to make changes to the tribal elements in the IRG – to make it more useful. At our last NATCSD meeting in April 2018, we again reviewed the tribal IRG.

Please review the IRG one more time and VOTE on the draft by August 22, 2018. Please go to Documents/Meeting Agenda Tribal IRG dated 8.15.18

If you have questions I can be reached at 360-297-9668 or  To see the current (long and confusing) IRG go to   


1. Yes.  I like the draft Tribal IRG dated 8/15/18.

2. No.  I do not like the draft IRG dated 8/15/18 (Please feel free to share comments)

3. Abstain



19 Responses

  1. I have come into this issue without hearing discussions on these issues. I believe there should still be some additional questions that should be listed and answered, when some other jurisdiction is interested in looking up info on a tribal program.

    1. Whether tribe can place liens and seize financial accounts (FIDM match.)
    2. Age of Majority.
    3. Statute of Limitations, particularly with Paternity.
    4. If we address spousal support.

    I think the draft trims a bit too much.

  2. Here is my list of keepers from current
    A. none.
    B. keep B1
    C. none
    D. keep D1
    E. keep E2
    F. keep F4; F5; F11
    G. none
    H. none
    I. keep I3; I3.2
    J. keep J1.1; J4
    K. keep K1.

  3. I would say NO to this draft and would recommend the following be added before I would say yes.

    A5- What is the age of majority in your tribe?
    A6- If not addressed in the order, at what age is child support automatically terminated as a matter of tribal law?

    B7- REWRITE- What is the most appropriate contact way to follow-up on a referral that has been sent to your tribe?

    B9- If B8 is no, then what is the process to ensure a child support withholding order is recognized by your tribal employers?

    C4- What is the phone, email, and address of your tribal IVD main office?

    Thank you!

  4. I also vote no at this point. I agree with many of the above comments, and especially Reagan’s comment that we should put this on the agenda for the fall meeting.

  5. If we have time, I think we should put this on for the first day of the agenda. If necessary form a committee to bring back suggestions for day two, than vote on it. I do not think we should drag this out any further. – Linda

  6. Good morning, Colleagues!
    I agree that we should put this on the Fall agenda and have a final discussion. While reviewing comments here I was thinking about these questions in general, and wondered what is the criteria that we are considering while making this decision? What should it be based on? When I review the questions, I consider what I would want to know or the information that I would like or need access to, in order to take an action in an intergovernmental case. I consider what should I be willing to share and how can we best serve the children together. I will review the questions again with our Case Management team and come prepared to discuss at the Fall meeting.

  7. The deadline to vote is today (August 22, 2018). I will tally up the vote and will let you know the results by Friday August 24 at the latest. If you want to vote in private or have other comments for the IRG you can email me as well at Thank you!

  8. Abstain. It should go back with committee to look at the suggestions and bring forth with a recommendation to adopt the changes. In agreement to not drag this out and set a time limit to act on it.

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