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Tribal IRG Comments Due 1/28/20


Just an FYI- The Tribal IRG is currently in the process of going through clearance.  There is a 60 Day Comment Period  so it’s  due January 28, 2020. If you would like a copy of the Tribal IRG that is currently in clearance, please email me at (sorry I can’s add documents anymore). The Tribal IRG was discussed at our meeting last year in April 2019.  I reviewed the one the Feds have put into clearance and it matches the one we agreed to in April 2019.  Please see link below for more information

  1.Tribal IRG Questions– Approved by NATCSD April 2019

Fyi. This is a notice in the Federal Register to change the tribal section of the IRG and add 6 new questions for states on domestic violence. Copies are attached for your convenience. 
NOTE:  This is an OCSE generated FR document, and includes a 60-day comment period.
Included below is the notice from the Federal Register for November 29, 2019.
Please review and use the hyperlink to access additional information.
  • Action:  Request for public comment.
Title:  Proposed Information Collection Activity; Intergovernmental Reference Guide (IRG) OMB #0970-0209
Agency:  Administration for Children and Families
Document Citation:  84 FR 65818
Summary:  The Intergovernmental Reference Guide (IRG) is a centralized and automated repository of state and tribal profiles that contains high-level descriptions of each state and tribal child support enforcement (CSE) program. These profiles provide state, tribal, and foreign country CSE agencies with an effective and efficient method for updating and accessing information needed to process intergovernmental child support cases.



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  1. Hi all, After much thought I have decided to not attend the Albuquerque meeting; I so wanted to attend. But–with this Coronavirus going pandemic– I am in decent health for my age (no firewater drinks and no smoking of any kind). I have to be concerned about my family. I did attend the ACF Grantee meeting and it was pure awesome, and yes the virus was on the back of my mind esp in the airplane. I am wondering if anyone else is concerned about the outbreak which is taking a toll on our Asian brothers and sisters; we are all family you all know…I just want to hear what are your thoughts. I can’t respond to every post but will look at the comments periodically.

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