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Tribal Council Bans Travel

Hello Directors:

During May through August the Tribe allowed travel on a case by case basis, however today the Tribal Council took action to ban any travel outside of our community, which leads me to say I am disappointed none of us will be traveling to the NTCSA meeting in Connecticut.  It looks like there will be attendance at many virtual meetings again……. Have a good day! ??

Take Care and Be Safe from Lac du Flambeau WI

Pam Waterman



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  1. Port Gamble [u]will not[/u] be traveling as well. Our travel has been restricted to essential travel only and we can only travel if it’s mandated by a grant.:(

  2. We are also on restricted travel. Only essential travel is allowed at this time. I had to cancel our plans to participate in the NTCSA Conference as well. Hopefully next year!

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