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Good morning

I want to say that I think this consultation turned out great.   Thanks to all the directors that attended and also to those that provided written testimony. We talked about the 80/20% Match and the Fair Market Value.

If you have not provided written testimony, I urge you to please do.   Comments will be accepted until October 15, 2019.   The more tribes who provide input on these subjects, the more information the government will have as to the effect on our programs.    Even if you are not having a problem meeting the Match, your input/support is needed to inform the government that you support other tribal programs and please state in your letters that you DO NOT want the regulations open at this time.  We need to all tell the feds, we do not want the regs open at this time.

if you have questions/concerns please contact me.    Thanks


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  1. Yes I agree. Sis did an awesome job opening the consultation for us.

    There were approximately 15? Tribes who gave their testimony. The Tribes provided testimony on how the match have affected the Tribes and how disallowing fair market value of rent has caused hardship. The consultation was pretty much a one way conversation where the Tribes provided testimony with out dialogue from the Feds.

    Commissioner Lekan was not there, only Melissa Johnson and Monica Adams. Melissa went on record to say that the reason they had consultation was to hear how the 20% match rate has caused hardship and they were not trying to sneak anything else in the Regs. OCSE put this on the Agenda because of the NATCSD’s letter in conjunction with two letters written by the Tribes expressing a need for consultation.

    ANA Commissioner Jeanie Hovland made a promise to the Tribes that she will be working with Commissioner Lekan on these issue below and will get back to us by December 2019.

    1. Not to opening up the Regulation.

    2. Changing the 20% to 10% match. The match could be change through a technical amendment.

    3. Disallowing fair market value has caused hardship and OCSE needs to issue a PIQT allowing fair market value of rent as a match.

    4. Give Tribes the ability to access the same type of resources the state have.

    5. Having more conversations and opening up dialog with Tribes on solutions to fix these issues.

    Hopefully I did not miss anything else.

    It’s important for Tribes who did not provide written testimony to do so. If any Tribes want to share their testimony on the website ,I will be more than happy to add it and post it for you. [b]DEADLINE is 10/15/19[/b][u][/u]

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