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Treasurer billing for membership

This is a heads up – I am sending out the invoices for the additional $50.00 for the 2016 membership dues.  I added a letter that gives the previous amount received/paid for 2016 dues and the check number.  The new 2016 membership form has the correct amount of $150.00.  Thank you for your patience. – Linda

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  1. OK Linda. I’ll get it processed as soon as we receive the letter.
    Please advise if the action to increase annual dues to $150.00 occurred during the afternoon session of our April 13 meeting in Santa Fe. I may have indeed missed the discussion. The agenda showed a discussion was scheduled after the rollout of the new website. I didn’t notice it in the minutes from the October meeting in Florida. Thanks.

  2. The motion to increase the dues to $150.00 occurred at the 2014 Spring meeting. I was not at that meeting. The minutes for the spring meeting were ratified at the fall 2014 meeting which I did attend, however, I did not catch the increase in the dues. Therefore, the 2015 dues remained at $100.00. This was brought to my attention when the new web site was being rolled out and the previous minutes were uploaded. At our spring meeting in 2016, it was decided that I would collect the additional $50.00 for this year, but I would not go back and collect the additional amount for 2015. Hope this helps. – The minutes are on this web site in the documents section. Thanks – Linda

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