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Trainings for FY 2022

I was wondering for those Tribes who has already put together a list of Training and Conferences coming up the next FY if they don’t mind sharing. LOL this will save me a lot of time looking them up :).

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  1. Good morning Maria. I just came to the webpage for the same info. Our Tribe lifted the travel restrictions and we are now allowed to travel. We may be sending people to the NTCSA conference in Conn. I am emailing with our Region 5 Program Specialist and she said to ensure we have enough money in our budget to put in our July, 2022, meeting in Chicago. She’s not sure yet either. Have you heard if we are resuming our NATCSD meetings for 2022 yet?

  2. Good morning I am just reviewing my notes from the April 28-29, 2021 meeting. I have the Fall meeting will be via ZOOM and Spring meeting will be at Isletta Resort in Albuquerque.

  3. I’ve uploaded an excel spreadsheet to Meeting Agendas for Tribe looking for Training for FY 2022.

  4. Hello Sue, yes we are trying to schedule an in person meeting at the Isletta Resort in Albuquerque for April 2022. However we do not have specific dates yet.

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