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Our office at Three Affiliated Tribes is considering moving into an enhanced use of texting for communication with CP and NCP. Do any Tribal Programs currently use a texting program as part of their programs? If so what type of system do you use, how much do you pay, and how is it working? Does anyone use CONTACT WIRELESS?

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  1. We use, it is free and works wonderful because it functions through a computer as well as your phone. I limit it to computer use only so there is only communication during working hours.

  2. Stockbridge uses Contact Wireless. ($84.75 month). We used it on a mass texting process a few months ago which did net us some new NCP phone numbers. We told everyone we had this new service and encouraged them to respond letting us know they received our text. It is very helpful to get an actual valid phone number for NCPs.

    Thanks to this post, we are now looking into the version. Thanks to you both for the posts.

  3. We use Contact Wireless and it works well for our needs. You can set up the services so that you can send out bulk text messages as well as individual messages. We send out appointment reminders daily as well as payment reminders. Bulk text messages get sent out for job fair events or parenting classes as well. The rates are determined by the number of accounts that you have set up. We have 2 accounts- 1 admin and 1 for (10) case managers to use. We also get charged a Bulk Txt rate of up to 2000 messages per month. In total we pay $150.00/mo. for this service. If anyone has more questions, feel free to call me 920-490-3872.

  4. Thank you for sharing this information. We are also looking for a good way to use texting communications with CPs and NCPs. We’ve heard about being used in schools but didn’t think about applying it in this situation. Would you be willing to share how your program set it up?

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