ACF Grantee Meeting

Good afternoon directors,  I am sending in proposals for ACF’s 2020 Native American Grantee Meeting workshops.  This biannual meeting is in February in DC.  It will be held in conjunction with NCSEA’s Policy Forum. Does anyone have have session suggestions?  This meeting typically doesn’t have much of a child support component to the agenda, but […]

NTCSA Board Vacancies

Good morning,  Would you like to contribute to Tribal child support on a national level?  Do you have suggestions for the annual conference?  The National Tribal Child Support Association has vacancies on the Executive Board.  Get on the board and have your voice heard!!!   NTCSA Board Nominations 2019 NTCSA Board of Directors Nominations are […]

Per Capita Policy

Does any Tribe have a per capita policy that they would share with me and my Tribe? I am looking at redoing our policy and was hoping others would be willing to share as ours currently is pretty vague.  Thank you Jeanette MoodyNez Perce Tribe

Arm’s-Length Agreement

What are the requirements for Arm’s Length Agreement?  Which Tribe’s have fell under this category, and how did you go about implementing this in your child support budget/narrative in regards to space cost?