Tribal Advisory Committee (TAC)

 Good Afternoon Directors, Just a reminder that nominations for the TAC vacancies are due by December 15. Thank you Tribal Advisory Committee          

Meeting @Cherokee 10/21-10/23-BRING LAPTOP

Hi Directors and Guest, Please PRINT & BRING a Laptop . We will not be printing any Agendas.  You will be given a thumb drive for all materials on Monday from OCSE. (one per tribe) . We have 3 Attached Agenda NATCSD meeting Agenda 10/21-10/23 OCSE Training Agenda 10/21 OCSE Meeting Agenda 10/22 Please also […]

ANA Tribal Consultation – Fair Market Value of Rent Issue

Hello Directors –  This is another call to any tribes who lost match value when fair market value of rent was taken away in 2016.  This would be for tribes who do not have leases for their tribally provided office space and who do not charge rent to the federal side of their budget.   We […]

ACF Tribal consultation 9/16/2019

Good afternoon,  I wanted to give you information as soon as possible about the upcoming ACF Tribal Consultation. We received information verbally that tribal child support will be on the agenda.  This is in response to the letters written to Secretary Azar requesting consultation on the non-federal share amount.     We do not have […]

Match reduction

Good afternoon everyone.    I just wanted to share that the President of our Tribe visited DC ACF on July 11, 2019.   He called me and had me on Speaker phone to discuss the letter we sent in April.   On the call were Monica Adams, Yvette Redick and some other lady.   Commissioner Lekan was on […]