Match Waiver for FY 2020

I would like to personally thanked Tallis King George and Mary Squallly (Puyallup Tribe) and Stacy Caudle (Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas) for helping me with getting my match waived for FY 2020.  I just received a letter on Friday granting my waiver request.  I  wouldn’t have been able to do this with out their help.  […]

ACF Consultation 6/11/20

Hello Directors, I hope all is well and you and your family are keeping safe and healthy. I just wanted to send out a reminder that there is a ACF consultations on 6/11/20.  I am currently in the process of applying for a waiver of the non-federal share due to Covid 19 and would like […]

Waivers for Non-federal match due to COVID-19

Hello Child Support Directors, I hope you and your families are all well during this most unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Many have been inquiring about getting waivers for the non-federal share required in our grants. Sue Smith received the below correspondence from Melissa Johnson today. Good afternoon, Sue, Thank you for the call today. OCSE has received […]

Meeting @Cherokee 10/21-10/23-BRING LAPTOP

Hi Directors and Guest, Please PRINT & BRING a Laptop . We will not be printing any Agendas.  You will be given a thumb drive for all materials on Monday from OCSE. (one per tribe) . We have 3 Attached Agenda NATCSD meeting Agenda 10/21-10/23 OCSE Training Agenda 10/21 OCSE Meeting Agenda 10/22 Please also […]

Conference Call on ACF Consultation 9/12@1:30 PM Pacific Time

  Hello Child Support Directors, We would like to have a conference call planning meeting on  Thursday, September 12 @1:30 Pacific Time to go over strategies for the ACF Consultation Planning Meeting for Sunday, September 15 and for the consultation on Monday, September 16, 2019.  I apologize for the last minute notice, but I hope […]

ANA Tribal Consultation – Fair Market Value of Rent Issue

Hello Directors –  This is another call to any tribes who lost match value when fair market value of rent was taken away in 2016.  This would be for tribes who do not have leases for their tribally provided office space and who do not charge rent to the federal side of their budget.   We […]

Letter to Secretary of HHS (Match Reduction from 20% to 10%)

Please see attached letter that was sent to the Secretary of Health and Human Service  today from Sue Smith.  In this letter the Association is asking for the match to be reduced from 20% to 10%.  Please also share this letter with your chairman, lobbyist, council etc on our efforts to reduced the match.   NATCSD […]

Match Emails & Letters

Hello Directors, Sis Horn from Fort Belknap has asked me to post this.  This was brought up at the Directors meeting in Palm Springs a few weeks ago.  The letter that Sis is requesting NATCSD to sign is on the  Agenda at our next meeting in Tulsa in April 2019. If you have any questions […]

Match Surveys

The National Association of Child Support Directors (“NATCSD”) are currently compiling a survey to assist Tribal Child Support Programs with creative ways to meet the Non-Federal Share (match).  The information you provide will be combined in a general list and shared with other Directors.  By answering the questions below, you will assist all Tribal Child […]

Tribal Waiver

Here is some information provided by Paige for next week’s meeting. Tribal_Waiver_Nonfederal_Share_Research_10132016.docx