OCSE 75 Report Work Group

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year to you all. I know we are approaching the middle of January already, and time is sure flying.  At the last fall meeting there was discussion of needing participants for the OCSE 75 Report work group.  Please respond if you are interested in participating.  We are not sure what the […]

Child Support Calculations-Involving Foster Care/Guardianship

Does anyone have Guidelines or Policy specific to calculating CS when a child is NOT in the custody of both of their parents? We have been running into this with our Foster Care and Guardianship cases where we don’t necessarily want to use the Guardians income (and haven’t) but what was done in the past is making each absent parent pay 100%, […]

Incarcerated NCP’S

Recommendatons for how to handle child support collection from NCP’s who are incarcerated