Concerns or Questions Regarding Budget Discussion at Spring 2022 Meeting

Hello Directors, OCSE would like to have any questions Tribes may have regarding any budget concerns or process prior to our Meeting with OCSE on April 6, 2022.  These questions is due on March 11, 2022.   This will help OCSE prepare and have the appropriate staff available to answer any questions at our meeting.  […]

Vote for the Website Committee’s Request for Additional Funds ends 3/8/2022

  Please Vote ASAP. Voting Deadline will end on March 8, 2022– Vote Here Website Committee’s Request for Additional Funds At our NATCSD Fall meeting in October 2021, the Website Committee was granted approval to spend $5,000 to modernize the current NATCSD website. After meeting with Courtland Consulting, it was determined that up to an […]

Trainings for FY 2022

I was wondering for those Tribes who has already put together a list of Training and Conferences coming up the next FY if they don’t mind sharing. LOL this will save me a lot of time looking them up :).

ACF Consultation 6/11/20

Hello Directors, I hope all is well and you and your family are keeping safe and healthy. I just wanted to send out a reminder that there is a ACF consultations on 6/11/20.  I am currently in the process of applying for a waiver of the non-federal share due to Covid 19 and would like […]

ACF Grantee Meeting

Good afternoon directors,  I am sending in proposals for ACF’s 2020 Native American Grantee Meeting workshops.  This biannual meeting is in February in DC.  It will be held in conjunction with NCSEA’s Policy Forum. Does anyone have have session suggestions?  This meeting typically doesn’t have much of a child support component to the agenda, but […]

List of Conferences/Training for 2020

Please see a list of conferences and training for FY 2020.  This was compiled by a few Tribes and I combined them. Hopefully you find this helpful in completing your budget.   Conferences for FY2020 1

Drawing Funds from PMS

Sorry for posting this so late.  I received this from Melissa Johnson on June 5, 2019.  Please also see attached document as well CFR 2015 title45 vol1 sec75 305 pms draw down     Good afternoon, As mentioned on our call last month, I have some guidance on the issue of how frequently a tribe […]

Allowable Cost for Tribal CS Programs

This PIQT is available on the OCSE website:     POLICY INTERPRETATION QUESTIONS – TRIBAL PIQT-19-01 DATE: May 13, 2019 TO: Tribal IV-D Agencies FROM: Scott M. Lekan, Commissioner, Office of Child Support Enforcement SUBJECT: Allowable Costs for Tribal Child Support Programs Tribal child support programs have requested guidance on whether they may receive […]

Fair Market Rental Value as Match

Hello Directors –  I would really appreciate responses from any tribes affected as described below: 1) Were you affected by the 2016 change to OCSE/OGM’s policy allowing fair market rental value of office space (i.e. the “less-than-arms-length” issue)?   2)  If you were affected, was that value part of your match, or was it a cost on […]

Budgets Issues

Does anybody have any budgets issues/concerns regarding the budget approval process from last year or the upcoming year?  Sorry I dropped the ball on this and did not get a list started on the the concerns.  If you can respond to this blog or email me your concerns ASAP.  Mausami Kothari from Grants management will […]