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Suggestion Site for Spring 2020 Meeting (West)

Hello Directors,

The Site Committee is requesting suggestions for the Spring 2020 Meeting.  The next Meeting will take place in the WEST.  If you have any suggestions for the meeting location, please either send the Site Committee members an email with your suggestions or respond to this blog. 

Site committee Members are

Kent Walden,, Erin Biencourt,, Raegan Henrickson,, Trina Schuyler, 

21 Responses

  1. Buffalo Thunder – Santa Fe, NM
    Isleta Resort – Albuquerque, NM
    Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort – Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

    Jackson Hole, WY

    Alaska or Hawaii??? They are technically western states!

  2. Here is my 2 cents–we have four time zones and I haven’t been with CS since beginning of time—why not open it up to locations in these four time zones(Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern) and not just exclusive to East and West. We have some Indians residing in the central and mountain areas too.
    While Hawaii sounds nice and I probably can’t go… is there a tribal child support there?
    I been to Alaska, twice with Suicide Prevention a few hundred years ago.
    Again my 2 cents worth of words.

  3. Hawaii sounds nice but just so you know we can’t travel to locations where it may seems like we are on a work junket. Sorry hopefully people knew I was joking. If not I apologize. What was voted prior was to have three Travel zones, West, Central, and East. If we want to add another time zone we can can put on the Agenda for new business on Wednesday.

  4. I am pretty sure we all know we cannot actually have the meeting in Hawaii but that would be amazing! Lol! Arizona or Seattle would be nice. Any place on the west coast is far for me. I like the idea of the different time zones.

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