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Spring Meeting Agenda 2017

Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino Lavee, AZ


Please see attached agenda for Spring 2017 meeting.  

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  1. I have two questions for you all:

    1. Are there any specific topics you would like to talk to our federal representatives about? We will be hearing from the interim Commissioner – she is available for about an hour Wednesday afternoon and Paige. Paige can request more people be on the call depending on what topics we would like to discuss. I know we want to talk about budget issues, and I am assuming Donna Bonar will give us a general update on the current state of affairs, but is there anyone or any other specific subject I should request?

    2. Is there anything else anyone would like added to the agenda?

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting!

  2. There are some issues that have been pended for a federal response from prior meetings: 1) finalizing a revision to a request to reduce the number of elements on the Tribal IRG (2) OCSE getting Alaska’s Vital Statistics Office to honor Tribal Paternity Orders that order the birth certificates to be amended to add the father’s names to the birth certificates (3) a federal response to our request to reduce the harshness of the sanctions for a breach of the FPLS data which currently results in personal liability for the Tribal Child Support Director as well as for the Tribe for the costs of the breach and for the costs of resolving the effects of the breach, etc.

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