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Spring 2021 Meeting

Good Morning Directors:


Having a virtual meeting is a little more complicated than one might think.  When we did the agenda we put start time of 9:00 am.  Did not think about us being all over the US.

Our meetings for both days will start at 10:00 CST.  Hopefully that will allow everyone to get into their office before things get underway.  

I will change the times on the agenda once we finalize it to reflect this .




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  1. Hi Sandy,
    Did you mean 10 AM CDT (daylight)? That’s 8:00 AM PDT, so would work much better than the original 9:00 AM start. Thank you.

    Alaska has at least one program that is an hour later, so it will be early there. Also, I didn’t see an email come out with this info for some reason. I hope the website is working properly.
    Ralph J – Lummi Nation

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