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Sac and Fox Officer

Friends,  Yesterday we had some terrible news.  A Tribal Police Officer with the Sac and Fox Nation here in Oklahoma was killed in a head on collision early yesterday morning.  A car tried to pass another car in a no passing zone and hit the officer head on.  The Sac and Fox Nation is one of the tribes we provide child support services to in our consortium. Even though I did not know him personally, I do know the Police Chief and several of their officers.  It is always a sad day when we lose someone, no matter who they are or what they do.  He left behind a wife and small child due to a senseless act.  Thank you for prayers for the family and the Sac and Fox Police Department and their tribe.   No need to respond back to me, just pray for them.  

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  1. Scenario Question: What does your agency do?

    A referral comes through the system for something your agency does not collect via your procedures/rules. Example: MA or child care subsidies. Knowing that your program will not be collecting the item for which the referral came, before getting involved should the program have the individuals fill out a VI-D application?

    Interested to hear how you handle it.

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