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I am informing the Director’s  Association that today the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians Tribal Council has instituted travel restrictions until further notice.  If it is possible I would like to listen/participate by a conference call connection for Albuquerque NM directors meeting.  Thank You for your consideration.

Pam Waterman

Lac du Flambeau WI

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  1. Travel is restricted at Osage Nation unless required by our funding agency. I had to cancel my trip to Connecticut for our NTCSA Board meeting. I could drive to Albuquerque so I’m still hopeful for our Region VI meeting April 21st & 22nd. We shall see…..I’m washing my hands vigorously and optimistically.

  2. Today, Oneida Nation has issued travel restrictions as well to only mandatory meetings. I would appreciate everyone’s comments regarding if they have travel restrictions or not. I have called for a phone conference for the executive committee at this time. I will keep you all posted.

  3. Tlingit & Haida was just put on travel restrictions. No out of state travel until further notice. I will be cancelling my travel to Albuquerque. I am disappointed as I was really looking forward to this meeting.

  4. I was just informed by my travel clerk, not to cancel my trip to Albuquerque. There may be an update shortly from the CEO regarding essential travel. Since my trip is already paid for, it may be included in “essential travel”.

  5. Fort Belknap has issued a Moratorium on all out of state travel. Cancelled my NTCSA board travel and will not be going to Albuquerque as of today.

  6. Port Gamble is on Travel restriction as well. I’m not sure if I will be going to Albuquerque and will most likely have to cancel my travel.

  7. The Klamath Tribes Tribal Council is discussing travel restrictions to essential travel for our programs. Our Travel Coordinator will be canceling our Albuquerque trip. We have paid our registration fees. Can those be refunded? thank you- Danita

  8. Good afternoon. Meskwaki has a travel ban in effect until May 2020, and this decision will be reevaluated at the first scheduled Tribal Council Meeting in May.
    Stay safe and healthy colleagues and please look out for each other in your communities. We’ll see each other again soon!

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