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Response to ACF Request for Information

Good Afternoon! 


Attached is the edited draft of the letter to ACF with our comments.  I added the changes we discussed at the meeting, and it already has the stamp of approval from Tallis:) (Thank you Tallis!).  Please let me know by noon on Friday if there is anything that needs to be changed.  The plan is to mail it out that afternoon.    




13 Responses

  1. On page 2, “rent” paragraph, line 5: insert the word “length” after the word “arm’s”. After the inclusion of this edit I vote to finalize the draft and send it forward. Thanks for your work on this Tallis and Amber!

  2. Everything looks good, other than the few corrections that were suggested. I vote yes to send once corrections are made. Thanks to everyone you put this letter together!

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