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Request from past Commissioner Turetsky

Past Commissioner Vicki Turetsky contacted me in hopes that she could gather some information from our tribal child support programs for a toolkit she is preparing for the Aspen Institute.   She is currently working on a fact sheet of setting and modifying orders, and another on procedural justice.   Commissioner Turetsky has asked if I could find out for her which tribes are using some type of in-kind guidelines in their support orders.   Also, she would like to find out what tribes might be using some type of dispute resolution process such as grandparent council or other less adversarial healing and reconciliation approaches to child support and co-parenting.   If your program uses these types, or similar types, of dispute resolution, could you provide me with what you use.  Commissioner Turetsky appreciates any information you can provide to her as she advises that there is quite a bit of interest from some states concerning in-kind support orders.   Thank you for your time, and hope to hear from some of you regarding this request.   

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  1. Kent;
    The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes does have the Non-Cash Services and Resources as part of the code but we haven’t applied it to any of our cases. Technically, both parties would have to agree to the non-cash services.

  2. Lac du Flambeau has the non-cash allowance, however the parties need to agree on the worth of the product submitted. We do not use any peace making resolutions for our tribe.

  3. Northern Arapaho, also, has the in-kind option that has an dollar amount and has to be agreeable with all parties. We also have “extended Family contributions” which involves basic needs for a child BUT has to be in the Child Support Order.

  4. Fort Belknap has the “Non Cash support” in our Tribal Code, which must be agreed upon by both parties, of the service/materials, and dollar amount. We have our “Family Strengthening”, elders come in and discuss the roles and responsibilities of parents with our clients.

  5. Hi all, I’m in communication with a IV-D Commissioner in San Francisco, Hon. Rebecca Wightman, who is working with a IV-D team in her county/city to assess the ability for them to create in-kind orders. Commissioner Wightman is wondering if any tribes would be open to share redacted (names, PII etc.) with their work group, all IV-D staff. We unfortuantly have only one order to share and I believe our Judge would be agreeable to this. I’m hoping other tribal jurisdictions could assist as well. I think it would be great to start getting in-kind support options in to state courts, especially CA with such a large Urban Indian population. Thank you! My email is and our fax is 707-269-0645.

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