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Reporting to the Credit Bureaus-

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are well.  I have some questions about this topic, as we are exploring it as a possibility.

  • Do you report to any of the credit bureaus  – Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, etc.? 
  • If so, what was your experience getting this started? 
  • How does it work for your agency currently?
  • Do you report only active cases, or also closed cases that close with a balance? 

I am looking for any advice and tips on how to move forward with this.  Any information is helpful.  Thank you.



Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association Inc.

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  1. We’re currently updating our MOU with the State of Kansas and included credit bureau reporting as an enforcement process they’ll provide for us. The request will be completed by intergovernmental referral. The wording on our MOU is…. Enforcement by Other Administrative Processes: At the request of Kickapoo Child Support Enforcement, Kansas Child Support Services shall enforce by any other administrative process available, including: department of wildlife and parks license sanctioning, Kansas driver’s license restriction, passport denial, occupational license suspension, and, credit bureau reporting.

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