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Relative Caretakers- documentation question


A staff member and I had a in-depth conversation regarding this last week & we’re looking to other Programs to see if & how you address these cases:






Does your Tribe collect child support for Non-TANF relative caregivers?  If you do, what kind of documentation do you require? (Tribal Guardianship documents, etc.)  I’m specifically looking for whether or not any Programs collect for relative caregivers using only birth certificates to show relation.




An example of this would be Grandparents raising grandchildren without any official documents.  Does anyone use just birth certificates to show they are related & then open a case and collect from the parents or do you require additional documents proving legal authority/custody- if so, what? 



Thank you for your help with this.




Malinda Beiler, Coordinator


Tribal Child Support Program


Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc.


1131 East International Airport Road, Suite 200


Anchorage, AK 99518


Phone:  907-222-4235


Fax:  907-222-9709






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  1. Our program does provide services to Non TANF relative caregivers. The caregiver must complete our application and provide proof of custody, either thru Tribal Court or Social Services.

  2. We need proof of custody; prefer a court order for temporary custody; but might rely on school records showing listed contact person, where child is being schooled. We try and verify with the CP listed on case. Then we do motion to re-direct payments, to get new payment directive from court.

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