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Reallocation to Region 4

Good Morning!

I received an email notice yesterday from Commissioner Lekan stating that our program will now be supported by a Regional Program Specialist out of Region 4. The email noted that 6 tribes out of Region 10, will be effected. So my question is if any of the other tribes received this notice as well. 

At first I was alarmed but now I am taking a more positive approach and thinking it would be a great opportunity to network with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and learn from other Federal Program Specialist. My only concern is how different it will be working with someone out of our area.

Thank you.

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  1. Nez Perce Tribe received the same email. I was going to post this same thing yesterday but we had our Celebration of Fathers Event that I had to help prepare for.

    I emailed back stating my concerns and asked how this was to work and was told we are still Region 10 but being placed under Region 4 for questions/concerns due to work load ability. And that my finance department will still work with Region 10.
    Then I received a call from Donna H in Region 10 and she stated she wants to talk with me but left a message stating the transition happens July 2nd and budget questions are still with Lisa White (region 8) and reporting is still under her with Region 10. To me this sounds very confusing.

  2. Hi Lynette. I received the same letter stating we are being reassigned to Region 4. After speaking to Donna, it sounds like all the programs from Idaho and Oregon have been reassigned. This is not ideal but necessary due to the size of R10. Donna stated that this is temporary, but in the federal office temporary could mean years. I have concerns also on how this will work effectively, being sooo far away.

  3. My only concern with all of this is the term “Temporary”. What does temporary means and how would Region 4 be able to handle Tribes that are not even close to the area. I think the Feds should at least have a conference call or meeting to discuss what the transition is and what it will mean. We don’t want the temporary to be a permanent changed. The feds may use this situation and apply it to other staff shortfalls as well in other programs such as TANF etc. If the Tribes who are asking to be reassigned to Region 4 objects to this move then we should say something about it now and respond with a letter from your Tribal leader.

  4. I talked with Donna as well and was a bit confused. I told her I would get back with her today with questions.Thought I would post this to see how others felt about the situation.

  5. I was concerned too, since the Region Office is clean across the country. A follow up would be nice to inform us of all, including financials, reports, etc.

  6. I have been told that my Regional Contacts are now overseeing Region 5 as well and I am concerned too because I am not sure if they will all be moved to Region 5 eventually. This concerns me just because we may essentially have to start over with our relationship with our regional people (if new ones are put in) and that may not end up being good if they are different people. It would have been nice to have some sort of notice and it seems like Tribes were never given a choice.

  7. Jacque Mull and Tasha Brown in Region IV have bee great to work with for Eastern Band. I certainly understand the concern as it is pretty far from you guys.

  8. I had a site visit with Region 10 program specialist in April and she stated they were in process of hiring two new people to help with workload, she did mention she may not be our contact anymore but nothing about moving to another region for my contact.

    I also told them it was unfortunate as me and our accountant have had a long standing relationship with Region 10, not only from CSEP but with Child Welfare funding. I was told our finance person will still contact the same person. Then to be told my budget questions will go to Lisa White out of Region 8 and we are still Region 10, technically how many contacts are we going to have.

    I asked specifically who I would have to contact from Region 4 and was not given an answer.

  9. Hi, I received the same email and was disappointed that we were not told this transition plan was in the process. I realize the need to spread work across the Region staff was necessary, but based on the relationships our Tribal programs have built with our Region Specialist I would think they would have been more considerate. I hope this is not the Tone of how business will be conducted relating to Tribal programs.

  10. Did you all come up with a plan? This should have fallen under “Tribal Consultation” don’t you think. Of course, they don’t pay any attention to what Tribes say anyway!!

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