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Hello fellow Directors!  I wanted to inquire from you feedback on whether or not your payment center regularly receives social security payments directly from the social security administration?  I have been having issues with redirecting some of our payments from the states payment center to our payment center directly?  Thank you so much ahead of time for any feedback you can provide! Have a good day!

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  1. Kara, from our understanding with Tony Jackson, with the State of Oklahoma, the SS system is so old that they only recognize the 1st 2 digits of the FIPS code. Which is for Oklahoma. So they will only send payments to the State of Oklahoma. So we have asked if we can do a transmittal to the state and ask that those payments that are received be submitted to our payment center. He is checking to see what process it will take to get those monies sent on to our payment center

  2. I have not pressed the issue in my 2 1/2 years here but prior to me being here we had the process of sending the transmittal to our state CS and they would send to SS office for us and direct payment to us and continue to do so. SS office in Idaho said they would deduct for us if the NCP directly asked them to send to us. I should actually look into this now to see if we can get a different answer to send our IWO directly.

  3. We recently had that problem after so long of a time not having a problem and had to contact local office but found out someone in SSA changed something on how we receive payments but was too late to find out who made the change but is corrected now. We don’t receive electronic payments and receive paper checks. We had a problem with one of IWO’s with an employer that used our FIPS code and the payment automatically went to Kansas Payment Center so we leave the FIPS Code off of our IWO’s. I may not want to post our FIPS code on the IRG.

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