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Passport Denial

Yesterday’s CHIRP got our office discussing the Passport Denial Program.  Kaw Nation is wondering what Tribes have been successful with the process.

Thanks for any advice or pointers.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Aimee, Cherokee Nation has utilized passport denials when we were in their system and it has been somewhat successful in that the NCP at least calls us if they want a release. They may have dodged us before for not paying and then when they want to go on a trip and realize they cannot, then we at least make contact with them to work out some payment arrangements. I haven’t’ officially tracked any dollar amount, just know the case scenarios that have come through our office. Now that our cases are getting closed out of state of OK we will have to build a process via FPLS access for this and so will be somewhat new for us as we will have to build procedure on it.

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