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OCSE’s Discussion on Job Description 6/2/22

Hi Director’s please see information below regarding job description requirement.  This sounds like an important meeting since this would affect how we do our budget.  I brought this up at the budget amendment work group I’m currently on with Chad Sawyer trying to get more information on what OCSE was planning.  If we can get a discussion going that would help when we are on the call with Chad.  Feel free to add any other information that we might feel is helpful. 

  1. Do you update and send to OCSE your job description for your Program every time you make changes?
  2. Has OCSE asked you to provide job description at the time of budget?

Dear Director:

Please join us June 2 to discuss the job description requirement. During the human-centered design interviews with tribal IV-D directors, OCSE heard diverse opinions on the requirement to obtain approval on job descriptions. We have researched the requirement and want to get your thoughts on providing you with more discretion and flexibility.

Attached is a PowerPoint for you to review and prepare for the discussion. If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Policy and Training at

WHAT: Discussion on job description requirement

WHEN: Thursday, June 2, 2022

TIME: 2:00 pm ET

Link to join:

Meeting ID: 161 728 9402

Passcode: 547490

Tribal Director Discussion Job Descriptions 05242022


17 Responses

  1. We have recently update our some of our job descriptions in our tribal plan. We have also had to update our organizational chart. I believe we looked at our original plan and updated some of the items.
    I do not submit job descriptions when I submit my anticipated budget.

  2. From what I can tell Yurok submitted job descriptions with the P&P Manual back in start-up phase. Since I came on I only submit more of a job brief/tasks list when I fill in the OCSE provided budget template excel spreadsheet.

  3. I think the call went very well. OCSE is giving the Tribes flexibility in the future by rescinding some old TDCL regarding a plan amendment for Tribes when changing the job descriptions. They are saying allowing tribes to submit job descriptions only as an option not a requirement. They are stating that Tribes will still need to submit.

    Must continue to:
    [*]Obtain approval of IV-D organizational chart or description, including when revising the structure and adding new positions
    Provide narratives for positions listed in the tribal IV-D budget
    Maintain adequate documentation of all claimed costs
    Respond to request for additional information regarding questioned costs or activities


  4. Maria thanks. sorry I missed the call. Good to know that they’re not forcing more regulations on us. As long as we provide the 5 basic services, that’s what should be important, not what we name our staff!!

  5. I agree with you Sis! I was truly surprised that they would actually rescind some of their authority they thought they had. I have always argue with them that sending OCSE updated job description/title change was outside their Regulatory authority and that the description in the budget explains the position (that has been approved). Requiring Tribes to send job description on top of that was outside their authority. I thought OCSE was trying to make Tribes do this again and was ready to make the argument. I was surprise on this call that this was not the case and they wanted to give Tribes flexibility by having this optional.

  6. I missed the call as well, but I’m glad to hear they are wanting to give Tribes more flexibility rather than requirements. Thank you Maria!

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