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OCSE Public Health Emergency Extended

The extension of the Public Health Emergency has posted:


I will get an email drafted to send out, but if you have the ability to give directors a head’s up that the emergency waiver flexibility does not expire this week I would greatly appreciate it.  We’ll have another 90 days under this new Public Health Emergency. 


Thanks, Melissa


Melissa D. Johnson

Director, Division of Regional Operations

Office of Child Support Enforcement

Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

601 East 12th Street, Room 349, Kansas City, MO  64106  |

Office: 816 426-2269

Cell: 202-394-6799


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  1. This is interesting- thank you. I wonder if it will allow for continuation of the ACF grant flexibilities, like purchases of PPE and items to uphold a teleworking staff.

  2. This is extension will give Tribes more time to prepare their waiver request under the flexibility of the Emergency Waiver. Instead of it being due on April 15 under the emergency waiver it is now extended to another 90 days which is good news. Tribes will have another 90 days to turn in their match waiver with the pandemic flexibility. We will be submitting ours next week. I believe the extension also allows for Program flexibility as well such as ordering PPE items.

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