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OCSE Provided Training

Good Evening Everyone,

OCSE would like to know if we would like training provided to us at our spring meeting this April. If so, what type of training topics are we looking for?

Some topic suggestions were:

Human Resources-Dealing with burn out? Difficult Conversations?


New Director

Tracking Performance Measures

Please comment and let us know by January 7th, 2020

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


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  1. Two suggestions from me: (not necessarily for this upcoming meeting)
    1) Training on waivers for match
    2) Preparing for audits

    Has a final date for the Spring 2020 meeting been set yet? Our OCSE Program Specialist wants to do a site visit sometime the week of April 15th & I’m hoping to give him an answer ASAP.

  2. I would like to see Trainings from Tribes at the next meeting and perhaps less time training with the Feds. I would still like to have 3 hours meeting with the Feds as usual. I know that at our last meeting it was suggested that if a Tribe provided the Training, they[b] would not[/b][u][/u] have to pay the Registration fee.
    Training from Tribes[/b][u][/u]

    1.I like Malinda’s idea on training on waivers for match
    2. Gina’s idea on Tribal Performance Target. Examples of what Tribes are putting in the narratives and their own performance targets. How have Tribes use the data for the optional reporting on the 75 report.
    3. Parenting Groups or Fatherhood groups. Examples from Tribes and how Tribes have budgeted this.
    4. Training on using the Natcsd Website.
    5. Review the Match Sheet and see if there are other new match we can utilize.

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