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OCSE: ACF seeks nominations for Tribal Advisory Committee


Friends and Colleagues,

By now you may have seen an email (copied below) from Paige announcing that ACF is seeking nominations to a Tribal Advisory Committee. I believe our organization should have a representative on this committee and the National Tribal Child Support Association should have a seat also.

I am NOT seeking to be nominated. I think it should be a NATCSD officer who can take stated positions from our organization to the committee discussions.I’m just creating a discussion amongst ourselves. If you agree with my comment then we’ll need to act quickly because the deadline is February 3. We won’t have time to take it to the spring meeting for formal approval. I ask our officers to consider how to coordinate enough discussion to agree to nominate and select a representative to nominate.


I don’t consider this the same as Tribal Consultation which requires outreach to each individual tribal leader.


How do you all feel about this and what are your recommendations? Thanks, CZ



Dear Tribal Directors: Please see the attached letter to tribal leaders. ACF is seeking nominations for the ACF Tribal Advisory Committee (ACF TAC).


The ACF TAC aims to strengthen the government-to-government relationships and guide the ACF Assistant Secretary and program office principals in their administration of programs and services to benefit American Indian and Alaska Natives. Discussions held by the ACF TAC do not take the place of tribal consultation, but serve to increase understanding between the federal government and tribes on the many programs administered by ACF.


Due to a recent reorganization of the TAC areas, they have 20 positions to fill. The attached letter has details on the nomination process. For more information about the TAC, please visit




Paige Hausburg, Tribal Coordinator, Office of Child Support Enforcement


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  1. I support Curtis’ proposal. I think we would need to nominate one of our officers for one of the National At-Large positions. I think their scoring matrix puts us at a competitive disadvantage in the selection process however.

  2. I currently sit on that committee as a region 5 representative. It would be great if your council nominated one of our officers to have a seat at large.

  3. Amber Ahola, please note a couple of brief comments on this discussion.I submit that we should try to nominate one of our officers to represent NATCSD on this Advisory Committee At-Large seat. I realize that elections will be coming up in April. I want to encourage our officers to take the initiative and nominate our President to such a seat. I suggest the nomination have a caveat that makes the NATCSD President (whomever it may be) the committee member. If we get on the Advisory Committee and change presidents in April then the new president can continue in that seat and represent our organization. Please consider taking action perhaps with a poll vote. You have my full support. CZ

  4. I agree that it is a good idea for the NATCSD President, or another officer, to have a seat on this Advisory Committee.
    It looks like we could be eligible to sit on the committee in one of the national at-large positions. I think BIll is right, however, that we would be pretty low on the scoring matrix.

    I think that the person nominated could be, but does not necessarily have to be one of the officers – it could be any person designated by the group to act on our behalf. Given that the terms of appointment are 3 year terms, it may make more sense to nominate someone not on the board (a question I have – maybe Sue knows the answer to this – is it ok to have the President or other officer, whoever it is, be on the Committee – or is the nomination limited to the person?)

    Another question – the letter states that nominations need to be submitted by a tribal leader in their capacity as a tribal leader. Does anyone know if one of the elected officials in our organization qualify as a tribal leader? Or would we need to get a letter from a tribal leader who sits on a tribal council? I guess I am a bit confused as to what constitutes a “tribal leader”.

    Since the deadline is is next Friday, I’d like to see some more discussion on this and would like, as Curtis suggests a “poll vote” – whether we want to nominate one of the officer positions or someone else to serve on this committee. I will also work on trying to find answers to the questions I pose.

  5. “Tribal leader” is not really defined in the letter. They also use the term “elected tribal official”. Perhaps if our nominee is an elected officer of our association and the nomination is submitted by an elected officer of our association we can finesse the process that they have articulated?

  6. Since time is running out I “vote” to submit the name and emphasize the POSITION of sitting President of NATCSD as an at-large member. It may be a stretch to get in but I think we ought to try. I trust the board officers to agree by conference call to submit a nominee. I also think we’re fortunate to have Sue Smith on this committee already so she can be a “back door” representative of NATCSD if we can’t get an appointment.

  7. As i understand the process. The nomination has to come from a Tribal Leader (Tribal Government-Council), this person would be nominated by their tribal government, (normally it is a member of the Tribal Government) to represent all tribes interest(all A.C.F. programs) in their region. The regions have been redefined by HHS. The regions are in the letter of request. Their is a primary and an alternative. I would visit this topic with your tribal council as to the nomination. The position is for the approved nominated person to serve their full term. It would not transfer by title. Hope this helps.

  8. Sue, your comments shed light on this nomination process and I think it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with a late nomination (due a week from tomorrow). I only put it out there because I think our organization and NTCSA should have an at-large seat. While I am backtracking on calling for us to submit a nominee, I was only suggesting this to our officers; not trying to tell you what to do. As I also stated yesterday, if we can’t get a NATCSD seat on the committee we do have our own Sue Smith on there now.
    Sue, we would benefit from any insight and information at ACF due to your committee appointment. We would also benefit from your input to that tribal advisory committee as I’m sure it will reflect the general thoughts and opinions of our membership.
    I’m grateful for our website and discussion board. It’s a handy communication device.

  9. Curtis no offence was taken. I thank you for always thinking forward and coming up with great ideas. I think there is still time for tribal governments to submit a nominee. Hoping it would be one of our Directors. That would be great.

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