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NTCSA Board Vacancies

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Would you like to contribute to Tribal child support on a national level?  Do you have suggestions for the annual conference?  The National Tribal Child Support Association has vacancies on the Executive Board.  Get on the board and have your voice heard!!!


NTCSA Board Nominations

2019 NTCSA Board of Directors Nominations are now open. 

A completed nomination-form should be submitted by May 23, 2019. 

To be an eligible nominee, you must have an active Individual Membership with the NTCSA in good standing with all dues paid. 

Candidates running for the NTCSA Board are encouraged to be present at the Board Meeting held in conjunction with the NTCSA Annual Conference.

Members of the NTCSA Board of Directors shall serve a two (2) year term beginning the September 1st following the Annual Meeting in which they were voted in to service. 

Questions regarding nominations? Please contact the NTCSA Secretary at: 



For more information about the association go to


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