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Nez Perce CSEP Director

Good morning,

I apologize for my not being able to attend the last tribal director’s meeting but I did not think I would be here this long, as I started law school in August and did not plan to work and go to school full time. My last day is now set for December 27th and the new CSEP Director for Nez Perce Tribe will be starting December 16th. Her name is Lilly James. I am setting her up for membership soon so she can be added to this group and attend future meetings. And that way I can be removed from the site and she can give you a picture of herself to add. 

I wish you and your programs well, 

Jeanette Moody

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  1. Congrats Jeanette! You’ve been busy busy.
    Thanks for letting us know a change is pending, the website committee will switch over the account when you give us the green light!

    ~Take care

  2. Congratulations, wishing you the best. Thank you for keeping us informed. Also, please let us know how its going, would love to hear from you as you get to the graduation date. Again, wishing the best for you.

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