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New Case Specialist Training

We’re bringing on a new case manager with no child support experience.  What are your best practices for on-boarding a newbie?  I’m at a loss with virtual training or even recorded trainings for a case specialist.

Help please!  I’m open to all suggestions.  Respond here or email me at


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  1. Hi Aimee,
    Right now all of our trainings are done through Zoom. Depending on what I’m trying to teach but we found it helpful to do a share screen zoom where I can see my staff’s desktop and can help them guide through it.

  2. Good morning Aimee
    I just promoted one of my staff into a case specialist position. my solution was to have him sit with the other case specialists and just work the case from beginning to end, in our database . We also have an office procedure manual which guides him through the process. Gives him the opportunity for hands on training. Of course it helps that he has been with the program for four years and is familiar with our policies and procedures. Good luck

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