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Greetings Child Support Partners,

Thank you for all the responses received regarding an upcoming meeting. The executive committee has recently met and we would like you to vote on which days would work best for an upcoming ZOOM meeting. The two options are:

April 14 & 15 or April 28 & 29. We are unsure if these need to be 1/2 day or full day meetings yet as the agenda is still being assembled. Currently the following items are on the agenda:

1. Match Waiver

2. 75 Work Group

3. Isletta Resort

4. Election for new officers

Please respond with your preference of dates and any agenda items you would like added by February 26, 2021.

Also, would you like our Federal Partners at this meeting to answer any questions you may have?

Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you all virtually soon!


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  1. As of today, either one of the dates will work for me. As for meeting with our Federal partners, I would like our first meeting to be with just us, since I haven’t seen many of you in awhile. I think this would be a good meeting to plan what we want to get done for the next 2 years. I think for this meeting we should do a time line and goals setting and what we want to accomplish as an association. Covid 19 has really set us back. If the group do decide they would like to meet with the Feds, we should meet with them at the end of our meeting that way we can have Tribal discussions prior.

  2. Also, I am anxious to hear discussion on the Match Waiver. Is this the 20% we want reduced or done away with. I sent out a message last month asking if we still wanted to pursue this and I only got about 5 responses. My Tribal President is interested in working on this issue. Thanks

  3. Hello Maria-Yes, It was discussed that if our Federal Partners are invited, they would be scheduled for the end of the meeting. I agree Covid has definitely set us back and we will need to set goals for the upcoming 2 years. Thanks Maria!

  4. Hi All. Either of the dates work well for me. Like many, I agree with Maria, if Feds are asked to participate, that should only be at the end. . . . like dessert!

  5. Can you give us an update if we still plan to meet on April 14 & 15? I have other meetings that are being scheduled at the same time and I don’t want to double book. Thank you!

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