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Hello Directors,

I will be requesting on the Website Committee’s behalf that an electronic vote be made next week instead of voting at our Meeting in the Spring.  The Website Committee has met with Courtland Consulting and the cost is more than we initially estimated.   This change will make the website easier to use, provide a new platform, and add more security.  At our Fall meeting in October the Website Committee was approved to spend $5,000.  We would need an additional $5,000 to complete the project.   We hope to have Courtland Consulting complete this project by our Spring Meeting, so we can have a demonstration.  If you are not a member by February 16, 2022, you will not be able to vote.  Please contact Linda Moser-Buse,,  if you have any membership questions.  Please see the updated Membership list as of February 7, 2022.  NATCSD membership as of 2.7.2022NATCSD Website Redesign



Design Option 3

$        6,000.00


Document Management Tool

$           225.00



$           300.00


Member Directory

$           750.00


Member Discussion

$           750.00



$           600.00


Stock Photos

$           210.00



$           375.00


Firewall Sucuri

$           199.00

 Other Incidentals$           509.00

Total Website Aprox cost

$        10,000.00


Total amount approved at 10/21 Mtg

$        5,000.00


Total amount requested from Association











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