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Meeting with the Commissioner during Fall meeting

I have been in contact with Paige about the conference call we typically set up with her and the Commissioner during our meetings.  Given the discussions we have been having, they are thinking about appearing in person and are asking for a full day on our agenda – (Wednesday, October 19). They would plan on sending Vicky, Paige, Chad Sawyer and Monica Adams.  I don’t feel comfortable committing 100% to this without some feedback.  I think it’s a great opportunity we can take advantage of before Vicky leaves.

Please let me know your thoughts asap so they can make their reservations if necessary.  Thanks!  

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  1. I think that is a very good opportunity that we should take advantage of.

    For some reason I am not getting an e-mail message that there is a new posting on our web site.

    Bill Paine

  2. Thanks Amber for keeping us updated. I think it is a great opportunity to ensure we ensure dialogue on these important matters that affect us all.

  3. I agree with the group. Are there follow-up discussions to the matters we discussed in the special meeting at Tulalip? I believe we want Vicky to leave a strong footprint on the landscape before she leaves. Setting the template for the next Commissioner that comes in. That is to be directly engaged with the tribal programs along with Paige. We are helping these Indian families and by extension helping the states by taking a lot of their workload. and with culturally appropriate case management to strengthen native families.

  4. I like meeting with the federal representatives. That will give us more time and I am sure there will also be budget concerns in October. – Linda

  5. The last I heard from Paige was that they are planning on meeting with us for the full day. Apparently, there was a conflict, but she thought it had been resolved. I will let everyone know if I hear anything more definite than that.

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