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Hello All, I was wondering if any of the Tribal Child Support Program’s have had staff become certified mediators or have received mediation training.  If you have can you please let me know how you went about it and/or who you utilized for the training.  Thank you!

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  1. Hi! Meskwaki has trained two team members in mediation techniques, in addition to our attorney. We partnered with two different mediation companies in our state to develop a training for the Meskwaki Elders Circle Mediation (MEC) training plan.
    We follow our state’s recommendations for mediation requirements, while there is no formal certification or program in our state, there is a law that provides a minimum set of standards to practice. We’ve attended this three-day intro training and will continue to partner with other tribal and state organizations to stay current on mediation skills, techniques, and coaching on an ongoing basis.
    In our search for trainings for the development of the MEC we have visited with various organizations including other dispute resolution and peace keeping courts and the Native Wellness Institute and they have stated that they can create any type of training we ask for. We didn’t take the time to design a training so we opted for the state organization’s ready to go model to get on the floor running. This momentum for the MEC was brought to a screeching halt with the pandemic. It feels like we are starting from scratch again.
    We also attended a mediation training coordinated by LCO and Red Cliff by Erickson Mediation Institute, and that was during our program’s start up. That was a great experience.

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