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Match reduction

Good afternoon everyone.    I just wanted to share that the President of our Tribe visited DC ACF on July 11, 2019.   He called me and had me on Speaker phone to discuss the letter we sent in April.   On the call were Monica Adams, Yvette Redick and some other lady.   Commissioner Lekan was on family vacation.

Basically what the feds said was that there was nothing they could do as it was in the regs.   The only option according to them was to open the regs and they stated that could take two years to complete the process. i asked if the regs could be opened to just one section, and the answer was it could but also opened the regs up to further scrutiny from outsiders.   i asked if Congress could change this reg and they said yes.  This would be a huge under taking similar to FPLS.   If we could get Congress to change it themselves.   I don’t know how many states we represent but this might be an option.   If we could convince our representatives to add this on to some other bill.   What do you think??

Basically the feds said open regs or Apply for A Waiver.   I suggest any of you tribal programs having trouble meeting the match, apply for a waiver.   This is basically what Commissioner Lekan stated in the Region VIII meeting May 8, 2019.   

Also it was suggested that Tribes ask for Consultation on this issue.   Tribal consultations are ongoing right now and this issue should be brought up and a request be made that this specific issue to its own consultation.   A formal request should be sent to the Regional Directors to address this issue.

I have asked and received a waiver for the past two years.   I will be requesting a Waiver again this year.   

Please contact me if you have questions.   Thanks






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  1. Sis would you, or would any Director whose tribe has been granted a waiver, be willing to share your request for waiver with us? At our Reg V&VII meeting this week, it was mentioned several Region VIII tribes have received waivers and it would be helpful to have an idea of the wording used or documentation provided to show need.

  2. Hi Sis, I am interested in the wording that you are using. I was told before by my Region 10 Specialist now the Director of Region 10, that I couldn’t apply for a waiver. I wanted to use the Drought situation in our County. Then she made our Tribe say that could pay the 20% match.

  3. Hi all – as to this issue, I wanted to see if anyone has the same interpretation of the waiver provision of the reg as I do. I think there are two different bases for waiver – I think there is the “temporary” waiver, that you request at the beginning of your funding cycle, then there is the “emergency” waiver, that you request in the middle of your funding cycle. I think that the emergency waiver is the only one that requires some sort of natural disaster or “act-of-god” type issue. I think the temporary waiver can be requested for simply having a bad economic situation (although it requires a
    showing of something severe or at least detail about that). Based on the Region VIII conversation with Commissioner Lekan, I think he may be conflating the two bases for waiver, as well, though it sounded like he would be very generous with interpretation of good grounds for waiver. Does anyone else have a sense of this? I think it might be important to nail down these differences since it sounds like the use of waivers will increase given the OCSE position on reducing the match.


    Kate McKay on behalf of
    Karen Returns To War

  4. Thanks for information Sis. When Cherokee Nation sent their comments in, we requested consultation with the tribes on this matter. Did they happen to mention when they would be submitting formal comments back to those comments submitted for the April budget consultation meetings?

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