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Match – reduction

Good morning all

My Tribal President asked me on Monday if we wanted to pick up the fight about reducing or eliminating the 20% Match.    With new administration he would like to present our concerns.

Please let me know your thoughts, ideas, etc.   Thanks       Stay safe. 


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  1. Hi Sis,
    That would be awesome. If you are allowed to share any written correspondence your tribe will send, I will ask our Chairman to send the same.
    Ralph J
    Lummi Nation Child Support

  2. I think we should really start looking at this again. I am willing to dedicate my time to this issue. My ideas below:

    Goals for 2021
    1. Start the discussions with Tribes on reducing the match 0 or 10%. Steps Tribes need to take to get this accomplished
    2. Start looking at the Regulations to see if this is the time to open it back up
    3. How can we get congressional leaders and tribal leaders to help with this process
    4. If this can not happened then can we get the match waiver language changed so that it will be easier for Tribes to get a waiver of the match (Administratively or through Regulations)

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