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Hello Directors,

Sis Horn from Fort Belknap has asked me to post this.  This was brought up at the Directors meeting in Palm Springs a few weeks ago.  The letter that Sis is requesting NATCSD to sign is on the  Agenda at our next meeting in Tulsa in April 2019. If you have any questions please contact Sis Horn Please see below documents they are also uploaded in Agenda section as well.

Letter to the Secretary regarding match 11.18

Federal match requirements emails 6 21 18




Here are the emails, that Bill Woods, Three Affiliated,   Jerl Thompson, Standing Rock Sioux and myself sent to our congressional delegates.  


also the letter and resolution that we drafted up.


I am asking all Tribal Program Directors to review each and address the issue with their tribal Council, Tribal attorneys and if appropriate their congressional delegates.


I would ask that directors state the hardships created by trying to find the match and if it is hindering their program.  i.e. not asking for more staff, more travel or anything that enhances their program.  


If enough Tribes can show the hardships created by struggling to find the match, maybe we can ask for a reduction to at least 10%.   I know the commissioner has stated that we will not be 100% funded.   


I would appreciate it if you can send to all the program directors.

Willowa “Sis” Horn, Director

Ft Belknap Child Support Program



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