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Executive Leadership Meeting with OCSE 8/29/19

Hi Directors,

At our last meeting in Tulsa, OK it was voted on for the Executive Board (Sue, Sandi, Linda, myself, Trina (VP elect)) to meeting with OCSE to move items forward the items that has been on the our previous Agenda.  We just had our first conference call today.  We want to make sure what we do is transparent and accountable, we apologized in advanced for not posting the Agenda items earlier and asking for feedback.  This was our first planning call and our next one is in December.  Sandi will provide the notes she took from the call as well.

We were introduced to our new OGM grants Manager- Julie Hopkins and our OGM grant management specialist- Deanne Meyer for Child Support.  As you heard OGM is the process of reorganizing all of the grants management specialist.  Please see attached list of the newest updates for your region.  They will also be coming to our Meeting in October.  

Tribal Consultation on 9/16- The Commissioner will not be at the Consultation but Melissa Johnson, Monica Adams, and Jeannie Hovland will be there. OCSE is encouraging Tribes to provide written testimony if you are unable to physically come to the Consultation.  Written Testimony is due 9/6/19.  

NATCSD Directors meeting in October- Tribes please bring your laptop because each director will receive a thumb drive with training materials loaded to it.  

Tribal Systems updates by Raghavan- David will be there in person in October to talk about MTS and other systems.  MTS is moving to the Cloud and the focus now is modernizing it.  They think by doing this it would be cheaper for Tribes.  Greg Kidder’s database is considered office automation so it’s paid for with a 10-20% match.  Yellow Bird and Tribal View OCSE pays for operation of maintenance.    

Linda Boyer-Div of Federal System discuss Tribal IRG still in process.  She is looking into if OCSE could do the IT Audit for Tribes will let us know more in October.  Also Angela asked if Tribes want to start reviewing the 75 if this was a good time do so (discussion in October)

Tribal Resource Guide Workgroup- This will be discussed in October as well if this is something we want to change.

Please see attached document.  We will post the official minutes once that is done.  

OCSE Tribal Contact List 8.29.19

Executive Leadership Meeting Agenda with OCSE 8/29/19

Meeting Minutes

NATCSD OCSE Leadership Call 8 29 19

NATCSD – OCSE Leadership Call 8/29/19



Thank you!

Maria Huynh

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