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Job opening! Suquamish Tribe



Good Morning everyone! I am posting this under program announcements to let you know of Job opening for a Child Support Program Manager.  Please click on the link ABOVE for more information! It is open until it is filled! Thanks all, hope you have a great day!




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  1. This job posting is open until the position is filled. If you choose to apply on-line, click on the link in the announcement, click on the “careers” link on the lower left corner of the Tribe’s home page and then click on the “apply on-line” link. Please feel free to share this job announcement with your staff or others you feel would be a good applicant. Thank you! Bill Paine

  2. This position is still open as of July 19, 2017. Please share this job announcement widely with anyone you think would be a good candidate for the Director of the Suquamish Child Support Program. Thank you! Bill Paine

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