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FY-17 Award Letters

Is there anyone else that has not received award letter yet and is anyone else having problems getting on grant solutions?

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  1. I talked to Paige yesterday. They were waiting for the $$ to be put in CANS(?).
    I got a new sign in for Grant solutions set up by Lydia Peele. I have not had an answer from her as to why I got a new account. I am able to sign in to both accounts on Grant Solutions.

  2. Here’s an email I got earlier today from OCSE Region 6

    On Oct 6, 2016, at 9:58 AM, Huckabee, Dana (ACF) wrote:
    Here is our update and what we know. The award letter are completed, but the funds are not in the system yet. Grants management cannot certify the notice of award letters (NOAs) and Paige cannot email the NOAs until the money is available. We are being told that the funds will be available today, but we do not have an estimated time. As soon as Paige finds out, she will let the regions know so we can let all of you know that you can access the funds. Paige will also start emailing out the NOAs to each director as soon as the funding is available in the system. Fingers crossed that this is resolved today.

  3. We have not received an grant award yet, and I have been struggling to get into Grant Solutions for 2 days!
    Helpdesk just got me in, but still working on other issues.

  4. I had problems signing in a few months ago. It turns out that I was trying to sign into the wrong page. Maybe your situation is similar? Once I realized this, and pulled up the correct sign on page, I had no problems at all signing in. I’ve also not received a NOA, but I’m sure they’ll notify us once the funds are in the system.

  5. When I was asked to correct my Standard forms even after I was told these documents were released back to me I could not get back on the system to resubmit with corrections. I was finally able to after 4 days of working with helpdesk and my regional contact who had to keep requesting my permissions. Finally they found somehow my permissions were changed so they gave me full access after that. I also had to add grant solutions to my safe list on my computer at their request. No Grant Award yet either.

  6. I am not registered in Grant Solutions. Was only going to use to submit quarterly report into OLDC. We are suppose to be able to use our user ID for OLDC to get in. My problems may just be our internet. I am like Carmen Thomas. Was afraid that I might of done something wrong and glad to hear the reason on the delay on award letters.

  7. Had the feeling that mine was under some particular scrutiny. Although I admit that I was mostly at fault considering I am so green to CS. After mastering the Format in which my predecessors submitted, I was asked to use the tribal toolbox. Now that I am confident with my figures in toolbox format, I can not upload them into GrantSolutions website either.

  8. Chato, call the Grantsolutions helpline. My problem had to do with my computer settings. Once I got them changed I could enter everything I needed.

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