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Today is my last day as the Suquamish Child Support Director. Please continue to have good candidates for my job apply as the position is still open.  I am going to miss seeing all of you, my friends, this has been the highlight of my career!  I have enjoyed answering your questions and discussing your concerns. I plan to keep up with child support, so please feel free to contact me to continue the questions and discussions. I may do some consulting regarding Tribal Child Support issues so we may see each other again ! My contact information follows:

cell: 360-994-0890


Stay in touch!

Bill Paine


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  1. Bill you have always been such an asset to our Tribe in all the questions we have had over the years! You will definitely be missed, happy retirement 😀

  2. Bill, I for one am sorry to see you leave. You stood beside me for 2 1/2 years as my VP of this assoc when I was President. I have told you many times, and told everyone, that I could not have done that, or been in that position, without you standing beside me and helping out each day. I truly appreciate all that have done for me. Your guidance will be missed. I hope that you do stay in touch, and will be looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Happy Retirement my friend.

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