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Changes to 34A Instructions Line 7

Has anyone taken a look at the email we received dated September 18, 2018 in regards to instructions to clarify tribal reporting of data on Line 7 and if you have what is your understanding of this and where you even aware there were changes being made to the 34A

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  1. Are you referencing this section. When they first posted the 34 revision on 9/12/18 they had the old version that stated the following.
    “7a Collections passed through to Family”
    Tribes: Leave this line blank
    States: Participation in the Pass Through Process and entries on this line are optional
    Line 7b Collection distributed as assistance Reimbursement
    Tribes: Leave this Line Blank.

    When I reviewed it again last week there was a different version of the 34 report online. The new version has an expiration date of 5/31/2021.

    Do you have any issues with the new version that I’m not seeing? If so can you let me know what it is so I can review it more closely.

  2. That is exactly what i am referencing. Its not any issue that I am having, I am not understanding what they are saying. I don’t know if I am looking to much into it or not understanding the new instructions. Are they saying we leave those lines blank (Line 7a and line 7b)? If they are than were do we report those collections?

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