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Fall 2019 Meeting in Cherokee, North Carolina

Please SAVE THE DATE for our Fall meeting at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort from October 21-23, 2019 in Cherokee, North Carolina.  If you have any suggestions on agenda topics or training topics (October 23) please respond to this post or email me at

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  1. Hello Gregg. You can google the conferences for 2020 and usually the locations are posted. I usually look up all of the other information if the hotel info is available, I do an amount for that, google the flight info and look up all of the ME&I on the GSA government site for the locations of the conference.

  2. The next NATCSD meeting after the Fall meeting will be sometime in April 2020. a place and date has not been determined yet so you Just put NATCSD Spring Meeting, Date to be determined- so for this meeting just estimate cost for hotel airfare etc. Put down for 3 days.

  3. We were planning on having the third day be a training day to discuss Using Data to improve your reports and better tell your Own Story with OCSE on October 23, 2019. If we have the training day, we would like to know if you will be attending? Please respond [b]ASAP[/b][u][/u] so we can plan accordingly. Please email me or respond. I will count how many plan to attend.

  4. The 10 Oklahoma Tribal programs have our yearly OTCSA training set to begin the evening of the 23rd, so I will be traveling that day. We requested that the fall NATCSD meeting be held Monday and Tuesday of that week to facilitate our existing obligations.

    I would be agreeable to having the add-on training with OCSE Sunday the 20th or doing it via webinar.

  5. We have the OTCSA conference slated to begin the evening of OCt 23 as far as early registration and reception. so I really need to fly out the night of Oct 22 or fly first thing in the morning on OCt 23. It would be great if the extra session was on a Sunday. Otherwise could we do it next spring?

  6. Hi Greg,
    A couple of Tribes shared with me their list and I combined them hopefully this will be helpful as well. I posted in Meeting Agendas.

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