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Electronic payment system

Hello all!  I know I have asked before, but can you all tell me if you use an electronic payment system or a debit card system?  If you do, can you also let me know the details of bank process, fees, etc.?  I greatly appreciate any feedback.

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  1. Hi, Margaret! We have been working to get our processes in place to move toward paperless transactions. We also encourage our employers to use EFT and directly deposit withholdings. Our Financial Specialist, Elena Freeman, has been researching our local area and inquiring with various financial institutions regarding the fees associated with stored value cards. You should call her at our main number and have a conversation with her for details. 641-484-9301

  2. We use smiONE. They were one of the vendors/supporters at the recent NTCSA conference in Niagara Falls. SMI is Systems and Methods, Inc. We’re pretty pleased with their service. We pay our CPs through the smiONE debit card. I recommend contacting Amy Vaughn and/or Lisa Skenandore (former NTCSA president) so they can explain.

  3. We use smiONE as well. We bank locally, and utilize the ACF transfers to disburse the monies on a card. With smiONE, there are no fees to the Program or the cardholder (small fees may be incurred if used out of network). The only fees that we have are the ones from our bank itself. If you have any questions contact our Financial Specialist Ramona Schultz 402-371-8834 or smiONE 800-282-4646 ext. 2402.

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