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Debit Card Payments for Child Support- SMI One

Hello Directors,

We are going to start using the card service for processing child support payments. I am interested in finding out who (other tribes) that are using this system for Child Support Payments and are you willing to share challenges with us so we will know what to plan for?  Also, have you developed polices and procedures for your tribe around debit card payments, if so, are you willing to share information so we are not starting from scratch. Thank you. Please email me at


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  1. We have just signed a contract with SMI; going to do some training with them. Greg Kidder is formulating ach file to coordinate process through his CIS system. I am sure there are lots of questions out there; and I do not fully know the inter-workings, but the techy people at our bank; SMI and Greg speak the language.

  2. With the request for more info on the SMI debit card, we reached out to Lisa S. from SMI asked her if she could do a presentation for the directors at our Nov. meeting. We did a redraft with the agenda adding the SMI debit card presentation. Sandi will have the agenda posted as soon as possible.
    I see rooms have been booked, don’t forget to send in 2019 membership form.

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